5 Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Ask Themselves Before Having a Brand Photo Session

You’ve probably heard of wedding photography, family portrait photography, and portrait photography. But what exactly is brand photography? How is brand photography different from just getting a new set of headshots? What is it that makes a brand photoshoot so unique? I’ll answer all of your questions here.

What’s the Purpose of a Brand Photoshoot?
Brand photography communicates who you are to your audience. It portrays your own unique personality, position, and look. It goes beyond headshots or even personal portraits to tell a story about who you are, what you do, and what makes whatever you offer so great. That makes brand photography especially ideal for small business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professionals alike. It solidifies your brand and makes you more marketable.

What Qualities Should I Look For When Booking a Brand Photographer?

While a brand photoshoot requires a lot of skills most photographers have, it’s important to find a professional photographer with specific brand photography experience. Brand photography goes beyond just capturing the right light, helping people pose well, and creating beautiful images. It’s all about finding a professional who gets your business, knows how to tell a story through photos, and understands what your photos will be used for. Pay attention to portfolio photos and don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions during your consultation!

How Can I Prepare for a Brand Photoshoot?

Preparing for a brand photoshoot is different from preparing for any other photoshoot. Sure, you’ll still want to make sure you look your absolute best on the day of. But you’ll also need to do some homework. In order to have a successful brand photoshoot, it’s crucial to know the story you want to tell, the target audience you want to connect with, and the way you want to come across (don’t worry, we will figure this all out in your visual brand strategy session before you shoot). That’ll help you choose a location, decide what to wear, and even pick the photographer you hire.

What Should I Expect from a Personal Brand Photoshoot?

Your brand photos will capture what makes you and your business unique. That means your photoshoot will involve less posing and more personality! The more pieces of yourself you bring to the photoshoot, the better — whether that’s with props, your wardrobe, or even your facial expressions. Expect the photoshoot to be collaborative, free, and really unique.

How Should I Use My Brand Photos?

As fun and inspiring as the photoshoot itself will be, the beautiful photos you get afterward are the most important part! How you use your brand photos are up to you, but most use them on their website, across social platforms, in email newsletters, and even in physical business cards or brochures. It’s a great way to make sure your personal brand comes through across all channels.

Have more questions about brand photography? Contact me and ask away!

About Katie Logsdon Creative

Katie Logsdon Creative is a brand photographer based in Northeast Ohio, serving Cleveland, Akron, Canton, and beyond. Katie capture’s vibrant, professional images for service-based entrepreneurs and small business owners so they can show up confidently as an expert and the face of their brand. For more information, contact Katie or chat with Katie on Facebook or Instagram!

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