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Brand Photography

brand photography

Images for women entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Brand photography is a visual representation of who you are as a business.

Through my branding photography services, my goal is to create beautiful images of you to help you showcase your business and products.

You’re dreaming of having a business & and images you can show off and be proud of.

But there’s a tiny problem…

You’re not a photographer (or maybe you are – I take branding photos for fellow photogs too!) and you’re tired of bugging your best friend or Instagram husband/significant other to take iPhone pictures for your website and social media profiles.

Plus, worrying about actually running your business and doing the work your clients hire you to do.

Imagine this…

Having an image library FULL of headshots, images showing you at work and showcasing your products.

You’ll have your own branded stock images that can be used for blog post thumbnails, banner images, social media, and more. You won’t have to spend hours trying to find the next best image to post on Instagram or scramble to find a photographer when you get hired for that next speaking gig.

You will have fresh images that you are proud to showcase and images that make your brand look amazing.

You deserve images that look beautiful, represents your style, and helps you book your dream clients.

Are you ready to…

Show off your business to the world with confidence because you know it’s looking SO GOOD?

Be taken seriously in your industry? Hey, visuals matter when it comes to your business

Attract and book your dream clients?
Sell more products from your online or brick and mortar store?

Link arms with someone who has your best interests in mind- even after your images have been delivered?

Yes? Then let’s do this!

the process

Let’s Get to Know Each Other


You’ve thoroughly combed through my website, blog and Instagram feed and you like what you see. So the next step is setting up a time to chat to make sure we’re the perfect fit for one another.   





Photography is truly an important investment because your visuals are the first impression you will leave on potential clients. When done right, your visuals WILL help you attract more clients and leads.

Brand photography starts at $650 for a two hour session and 50 images.


Need fresh photos often?

Subscription Plan

My new Let’s Get Social Plan is a monthly brand photography experience perfect for small businesses owners and content creators in Northeast Ohio who need fresh imagery for their website, social media, or other marketing materials monthly. As a creative, your content needs are always evolving and shifting. This gives your brand a fresh and cohesive look across all platforms, so it becomes instantly recognizable and memorable.

Contact me to learn more about my subscription plan and see how it can benefit your business and marketing efforts!




It all starts with my branding questionnaire. From there, I will evaluate your answers, take a look at your website and social channels and complete a brand analysis that will help me understand how you are currently using imagery and make recommendations on where we can improve upon. That will be the guide for planning your session. Things to plan include, location, what stories to tell, outfit ideas, props, etc. Working with a brand designer? Let’s include them in our consultation too.

Many times my clients will want to shoot inside or in an office-type setting. In the past I’ve worked in Suite 226 or other hourly rental locations. Unless otherwise noted in your package, the rental fee for any space is an additional cost.

Your fee comes with a commercial usage license allowing you permission to use the photos on your website and social media outlets. Any magazines, publication, or other brands/organizations interested in using the images should be referred to me to purchase a use license.

I use a protected online gallery for which you will be able to view and download your images.

No problem! Any images you want, beyond what is already included in your package is available to purchase at an additional rate.

Typically it takes 2 weeks. If you need the photos beforehand just let me know and I will try and accommodate special requests like that.

Yes! Part of the shoot plan will identify what types of action shots we want. For entrepreneurs that work a lot at their desk, perhaps we will style a story tailored to that. Are you a coach? Have a mock session with a client. Or maybe you are a makeup artist and want to shoot a demo of make-up. We will figure this out together during the planning stages.

I would recommend at least a month in advance of your targeted shoot date. This is to give us time to plan your session and secure any locations that may require a reservation/fee or permits.

I do have an array of props that I can bring if they match your brand and shoot plan. I highly recommend you bring props that align with our shoot plan, such as your camera, laptop, flowers, makeup brushes, etc. Suite 226 also has a prop library we can use if you choose to shoot there. 

No, your license does not require credit when posting, but it is always appreciated! I love being tagged on social media by my clients, but you don’t have to. 

the blog


Get the most out of your brand images by sizing them properly for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pintestest, Tiktok, LinkedIn, and Youtube.

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